Civil Engineering, Construction & Environment

We have manufactured products such as the water-reducing agents and dispersing agents for high strength concrete and upgrade agents for improving the variety of function. Soil contamination is a tragedy for our next generation. Our soil decontaminant is a key toward green environment. We will make Green Future by cleaning contaminated soil.


Application  Product name Component
Emulsifiers for emulsion UNIZOL CTN series Sorbitan fatty acid ester & Derivatives
Anti-spattering agent UNIGEN CE series Cellulose ethers
Water-reducing agent UNISOL DY series Sodium naphthalenesulfonates formalin condensates
Dispersants/deflocculants UNIGEN CNS series

Polycarboxylic acid salts

Water-soluble special polymers
Flocculant UNIFLOCK series Polyacrylamide polymers
Lubricant for jacking method ECOMOL VS series Super-absorptive resin blends
Adhesives UNISTRON series

Polyurethane prepolymers

Water-dispersed polyurethanes
Protective finishing material POLYSTAR PUB series Special polymer resin emulsion blends
Single-shot waterproofing material POLYSTAR WP series Polyurethane resins
Thickener / Binder UNIGEN CMC series Sodium carboxymethyl celluloses
Waterproofing material POLYSTAR PM series Polyurethane prepolymers & polyamine-based curing agents
Defoaming agent ANTIFOAM NF series Special nonionic compounds
Anti-bacteria agent for slurry UNIBIO AM series Organic amine compound