We have manufactured environment-friendly products for leather industry with high functionality and high added value. We will support environment also in leather industry.


Application Product Name Specific Property
Soaking Agent UNIPON series Wetting agent, particularly suitable for accelerating the wetting back process along with removing the dirt during soaking, deliming and bating. 
Bating Agent UNIZYME series Enzyme type universal bating agent for all types of raw stock and all types of leather. 
Deliming Agent UNITAL series Ammonium free deliming agents with a complexing action, based on non-swelling acids. Used to dissolve lime deposits and to clean pelts. Can also be used in picking.
Degreasing Agent UNIPON series High-performance degreasing agent for use on all types of leather and fur. Good wetting power and emulsifying action.
Tanning Auxiliary UNIMOL series Dispersing agent used to promote the uptake and enhance the distribution of tanning agents through the skin. Improves the softness and fullness of the leather and the elasticity of the grain. Improve the penetration and leveling of dyes on chrome-tanned leather. 
Fatliquor UNILIPO series Gives very soft leather. Odorless, low-fogging and high fastness.
Water repellent UNIGUARD series High-performance water-repellent. Enhances the water resistance and softness of the leather and gives a smooth, silky handle. Can also be employed as a handle improver in finishing.
Dyeing Auxiliary UNIPON series

UNIFIX series

UNIMOL series
Excellent wetting and dispersing power.

Excellent dye fixing power.

Excellent penetrating and leveling power.
Polyacrylic Binder UNITEX series Water dispersible binders. Gives various handle (hard, middle, soft). APEO, Fromaldehyde-free. Excellent film properties.
Polyurethane Binder ELASTOGEN series Water dispersible polyurethanes. Excellent film properties. APEO, NMP, Tin – free.
Crosslinking Agent CROSSLINK series Nano-particle size crosslinking agent. It enhances the pattern retention when the leather is embossed, imparts higher wet rubfastness and improved stability against hydrolysis.
Gloss Enhancer UNIWAX series Solvent-free. The surface of the finishing obtains an excellent water resistance and a high gloss.