Urethane Resin

Urethane Resin

We have manufactured the variety of functional products such as coating agents for all materials, adhesive, finishing agents for surface treatment, eco-friendly cross linking agents that have formaldehyde free and copolymers to be merged with advantages of silicon and urethane.


Application  Product name Component
Urethane-silicone finishing agents UNISIL USP  series

Polyurethane-silicone elastomers

Thermo-reactive water-soluble urethane-silicone copolymers
Rust Prevention Agents ECOSTAGEN series Polyurethane blends & polyisocyanates
Crosslinking Agent ECOSTAGEN series Polyurethane prepolymers
Waterborne urethane resins ECOSTAR PUD series

Water-dispersed polyurethanes

Thermo-reactive water-soluble urethane resins
Top coating / Adhesive ECOSTAR PUD series Polyurethane prepolymers
Waterproofing agent (one-sidely possible) ECOSTAR WP series Polyurethane prepolymers & polyamine-based curing agents
Protective finishing material POLYSTAR PUB series Special polymer resin emulsion blends