IT & Electricity & Electronics

IT & Electricity & Electronics

CFC is one of the major causes of ozone layer depletion and global warning. We developed and supply water-base chemicals replacing CFC and polymer with conducivity. We contribute in green environment creation and future environment value.


Application  Product name Component
Emulsifiers UNIGEN SD series Phosphoric ester type anionic chemicalss
CFC / ethane substitute water soluble & insoluble washing agents UNITOL PG-B

Glycol ethers or glycol ethers blends

chemicalss blends and / or glycol ethers
Conductive agent ECOMER ECA series Water-soluble special polymers
Monomer / oligomer for UV-curable coatings / adhesives ECOMER MCS series (Meth)acrylic acid ester monomers / oligomers
Binder UNIGEN CMC series Sodium carboxymethyl celluloses
Oil Dispersant / Oil Emulsifiers UNITOL series Nonionic chemicalss
Scale dispersant UNIGEN CNS series Water-soluble special polymers