Dyeing, Printing PROCESS

Performance Chemicals for Textile

We developed chemicalss obtained certificate of GOTS by Control Union Certifications so that our clients can manufacture eco-friendly textile products and export them to EU and other foreign markets. We do our role in the advance of textile industry.

Dyeing & Printing Process

Application  Product Name Specific Property
Wetting agent for CPB & continuous pretretment process ULTRA PT-1
Excellent deaerating penetration into high density fabrics in continuous and CPB pre-treatment and dye baths.
Wetting-deaerating agent in Cheese and Hank drum dyeing machine ULTRA PT-N
It is used for pre-treatment and dyeing of cheese, hank, drum dyeing machine under high density condition and contributes to fundamental prevention of internal and external color difference and enhancement of homogeneity by strong degassing effect of remaining bubbles.
Antifoam agent for pretreatment process and dyeing process   ANTIFOAM AF series Antifoaming agent for dyeing process without oil-spot and gum-up even at high temperature and high pressure. It is economical due to the excellent defoaming effect even if only a small amount is used, and there is almost no problem in the post process.
Alkyl ester type antifoam agent ANTIFOAM SD series Highly effective, low-odor antifoam in printing on synthetic fibers, transfer printing, and printing with vat, reactive and other soluble or dispersible dyes.
Mineral oil type antifoam agent for high pressure process and high temperature process ANTIFOAM NFC
Non-silicone antifoaming agent based on mineral oil that shows stable effect at high temperature and high pressure without causing any problem caused by silicone.
Application  Product Name Specific Property
Sequestering agent of desizing, scouring process in acid bath UNIGEN CNS-50 For the purpose of fiber protection, it shows the optimal role as a metal ion sequestrant when desizing and scouring process are carried out in an acid bath. It has excellent buffer solution effect when neutralizing alkalis remaining in the fiber to prevent yellowing and color fading.
Pre-treatment and dyeing process dispersing agent of Ca, Mg ions UNIGEN CNS-60
Multifunctional metal ion sequestering agent used in pre-treatment process (such as desizing, scouring, bleaching) and reactive & dispersing dyeing process. It is anti-scaling agent. It has good alkaline stability.
Dispersing agent and protective colloid in dyeing cotton and co-tton / synthetic fiber blends UNIGEN CNS-100
Dispersing agent and protective colloid in dyeing cotton and cotton/synthetic fiber blends with vat, reactive, direct and sulfur dyes. Non-foaming and non-retarding. Prevents impurities in cotton (pectines, waxes and water hardening substances), and dye adducts with these impurities, from redeposition on the material. Highly effective auxiliary for washing off hydrolysates from dyeing and prints with reactive dyes
Sequestering agents and protective colloids UNIGEN CNS-200 High binding effect, Fe ion good sequestering power in dyeing and for cotton and all fiber. Good eliminating property of scaling in machine.
Mechanical antifouling agent in dyeing bath / PET fiber Oligomer dispersant UNIGEN CNS-300 It prevents mechanical contamination in dye baths and completely prevents adhesion of oligomers to machines and fibers during weight loss processing and dyeing of polyester fibers. The binding effect of heavy metal ions such as iron and copper ions is particularly good.
Heavy metal ions sequestering agent / Peroxide bleaching bath pinhole inhibitor UNIGEN CNS-400 Chelating agent and protective colloid in pre-treatment and dyeing. Excellent binding effect.
Selective chelating effect on divalent and trivalent heavy metal ions such as Fe and Cu. Excellent blocking effect against overwater bleaching bath with strong blocking effect against iron ions. UNIGEN CNS-500 Excellent selective binding effect of Ca and Mg ions, showing strong desizing power in desizing process for synthetic sizer (for example PVA, PET and acrylic). Optimal protective colloid effect in reactive, disperse dyeing and soaping processes.
Application Product Name Specific Property
Dispersing agent for PET dyeing process Anti-tarring agent Defixing agent UNISOL DY series Excellent dispersion and tarring effect of disperse dyes. Defixing agent for direct and reactive dyes. Protective colloid of vat & indigo dye bath. Dispersant for PET, Acetate and Nylon dyeing with disperse dyes.
Levelling and dispersing agent for removal after oligomer dispersion Oligomer removing agent Dispersion levelling agent that prevents flocculation, precipitation and reattachment of dyes due to oligomers in PET fiber dyeing bath, and effectively disperses them.
Dispersing and levelling agent for disperse dyeing UNISOL DL series
UNIGAL ND series
Highly functional dispersion levelling agent that can be applied to both general and high pressure disperse dyes. Excellent dye affinity minimizes particles, thus eliminating the source of unlevel dyeing.
Oligomer removing agent OLIGOZERO NGO series Oligomeric dissolution accelerator for PET weight-loss processing. It promotes the dissolution of remaining oligomers attached to the inner surface of the fiber and machine, making it low molecular and maximizing the removal efficiency.
Dispersing agent for
reduction of process time
UNISOL FD series
Because of the anti-wrinkle action, which prevents rope crease, etc., which occurs when dyeing hot, the temperature of the dyeing bath can be cooled rapidly, thus reducing the process time.. Because treated fabric is hydrophilic, it has anti-static property and flexibility.
Application  Product Name Specific Property
Dyebath lubricant for rayon, tencel, modal and cotton / Anti-Creasing agent LUBRICANT T-350
Crease preventing agent which minimizes the coefficient of dynamic friction of fiber fundamentally by engineering principle in all the jet dyeing machine where dyeing and pre-treatment are done by circulation of fabric. It can be applied to knit and woven fabrics of cotton, tencel, modal, rayon and blended blends.
Multifunctional dyebath lubricant for PET, Nylon and blended fibers TEXGUARD NY series It is used for dyeing process to give polyester fiber semi-permanent properties (ex. antistatic, soil releasing, hygroscopicity, quick drying and lubricanting) and anti-creasing property at the same time. Applied to PET, PP, Nylon and blended fibers.
Multifunctional dyebath lubricant for cotton, rayon, tencel and modal knit fabrics DYESOFT NDS Multifunctional type dyebath lubricant that prevents fiber damage by ultra-speed rotation of fabric in low liquor ratio, improves dye absorption efficiency and prevents reattachment of various impurities to fabric.  
Anti-creasing agent for low liquor ratio, high-speed jet dyeing machine LUBRICANT NSK There is no problem caused by bubbles even in low liquor ratio and dyeing conditions rotating at high speed. A new concept of anti-crease multifunctional auxiliaries that combines all the functions of all dyebath lubricants
Fiber protecting agent for Spandex and Nylon UNISOL FM Antioxidant of spandex and nylon fibers. Prevents yellowing and strength decrease due to oxidation in peroxide bleaching, dyeing and heat setting processes.
Fiber protecting agent for Wool and Silk UNISOL NC-600 A fiber protecting agent for dyeing wool and silk, which forms a protective colloid film on the surface of the fiber in the dye bath, which essentially prevents damage caused by friction between the fiber and the fiber and between the fiber and the machine.
Application  Product Name Specific Property
Precipitate preventing agent for one bath dyeing of A/W, T/W HANARO OK-30
Precipitate preventing agent that prevents coagulation of dye when dyeing mixed dyes such as acrylic and wool fibers, PET and wool fibers in one bath at the same time. (Applied Fiber : A/W, A/T, T/W, A/W/T, Silk Blend) Dye solubility enhancer with excellent dissolving and removal of residual dyes at high temperature and high pressure dyeing machines.
Low temperature dyeing accelerator for wool / Reactive dye levelling agent for wool   UNISIL WS-10 It is an excellent dyeing auxiliaries for wool and reactive dyeing auxiliaries at low temperature of 80 ~ 85 ℃ and gives excellent levelling and fastness.
Acid dye levelling agent for 1:1 metal complex dye UNISIL WS-20 Dye-affinity, acid dye levelling agent, it can be used most widely. It is a low foaming product and has good workability. (Applied Fiber : wool, silk, nylon)  
Acid dye levelling agent for 1:2 metal complex dye UNISIL WS-30 Among the acid dye levelling agents, it is expresses dye affinity and fiber affinity at the same time. Especially, it has excellent migrationing and retarding power. At T/W dyeing process, it has excellent flame retarding effect about disperse dyes for wool. (Applied Fiber : wool, silk, nylon)
Acid dye levelling agent for all metal complex dye UNIDINE PAN
When dyeing acrylic fiber with cationic dyes, it acts as a fiber-affinity retarder and imparts uniformity by preventing rapid bonding at the 1st and 2nd transition point, which is the point of bonding between fiber and dye.
Retarding & levelling agent for acryl blended fibers UNIDINE AW series Functional preparation that simultaneously show the function retarding agent of cationic dye and the levelling agent of acid dyes when dyeing acrylic blended fibers such as A/W.
High functional acid dye levelling agent for wool fabric UNIGAL SET series
It is a product that expresses dye affinity and fiber affinity at the same time. It is a high functional levelling agent for high quality materials such as wool and cashmere that can be applied to both general acid dyes and metal complex acid dyes. Amphoteric surfactants.
Reactive dye levelling agents for T/Q blue and Blue R dyes HANARO SND series Levelling agent used in the dyeing process of dyes that are frequently affected by unlevel dyeing and bad color fastness such as T/Q Blue and Blue R among reactive dyes. Very low foaming product with no trouble caused by bubbles, very good workability. (Applied Fiber : cotton, cellulose and blended)
Levelling agent for Vat, sulfur and indigo dyes UNIDINE VL conc Levelling agent that simultaneously expresses excellent protective colloidal effect and deaerated anti-foaming effect during vat, sulfur and indigo dyeing. Excellent alkali stability and initial adsorption control characteristic of dye-friendly levelling agent, good vivid color reproduction.
Dye solubilizers and levelling agent UNISOL SEND-10 It has excellent effect of promoting dye dissolution at high temperature and preventing hydrolysis, thus giving stable levelling effect in dyeing process.
Application  Product Name Specific Property
Acid type buffering agent UNIGAL BNS Acid type buffering agent for polyester, wool and nylon. This product maintains a constant pH during the dyeing process.
Alkali type buffering agent UNIGAL ABS This product maintains a stable buffer property in alkaline baths and improves levelling effect and color reproducibility.
pH Sliding agent UNIGAL ACS-1 This product is a pH depressant using for dyeing nylon fiber and wool fiber. A pH depressant is able to achieve the even dyeing by continuously changing the pH value of a dye bath from alkali or neutral to acid with rising temperature.
Cellulose embrittlement agent UNISOL DLA In the case of mixed fiber of polyester and cellulose, the pH of the dyeing bath is adjusted without additional acid and buffer when dyeing the dispersion dye.  It is promoted by embrittlement of Cellulose fiber after the post-process rotary washer. Soft touch
Application  Product Name Specific Property
Soaping for reactive dye ULTRASOAP RS series It is a soaping agent that removes reactive dyes that are not attached to the fiber with strong ion repulsion. APEO-free Type. Since no bubbles are generated, workability is good. Also, because the dye is removed immediately, it prevents pollution of white area on printed and yarn dyed knit fabrics.
Soaping for reactive dye (shorten process, water saving) ULTRASOAP RSK series
Cost-effective reactive dye soaping agent that shortens the process because hot water washing and soaping process can be omitted 2 ~ 3 times in soaping process. Excellent effect on T/Q blue, blue R, and dark black dyes with poor fastness.
Soaping and alkali removing agent for reactive dye dyed fibers ULTRASOAP NS series Cost-effective soaping agent that can fundamentally prevent stains and shorten the process by removing the remaining alkali and soaping at the same time after reactive dyeing.
Decoloring & soaping agent for reactive dye dyed fibers ULTRASOAP RSK series Excellent decoloring soaping effect shortens the washing process for reactive dyes of cellulose fibers, and minimizes wastewater treatment load by reducing turbidity of treated water.
Dye solubility enhancers Dye remover HANARO OK series Since dyes are effectively dissolved, color fastness can be improved when used together with reduction cleaning. It is an eco-friendly APEO-free type product that completely removes the remaining particles, when decolorizing and redyeing of printed and dyed fiber by all type dyes.
Application  Product Name Specific Property
Removing and dispersing agent of oligomers OLIGOZERO OL series This product prevents flocculation, precipitation and reattachment with dyes due to oligomers in PET fiber dyebath, and effectively disperses and removes them. Powerful remover for weaving, knitting oils and waxes, finishing agent and synthetic sizer's spot.  
Removing agent of dyes and stains for M/C cleaning HANARO OK series Excellent dispersing and removal of flocculations of tarred dye in the machine. When cleaning the machine, use it together with reducing agent and caustic soda. ECO-friendly & APEO- free type.
Stain preventing agent for blended nylon and spandex UNISOL SEND-10 At spandex and blended nylon dyeing, it is to prevent soiling of span & nylon - side.
Removing and dissolving agent of oligomers OLIGOZERO NGO series It is good at promoting and removing the dissolution of remaining oligomers attached to the fiber and inside the machine. When cleaning the machine, use caustic soda together.
Silicone oil remover SILIZERO NCA It has a great effect when modifying the color of fabrics treated with silicone finishing agents or as a remover of silicone oil spots. Machine cleaning agent contaminated with weaving, knitting oils and waxes, finishing agent, etc.
Fluoro type water repellent remover FLUZERO NFK It is easy to remove the water repellent from the fabric treated with the water repellent.
Application  Product Name Specific Property
Fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes UNIFIX series
Formaldehyde-free type eco-friendly product with no color change, no decrease in daylight & washing fastness and no change in hand-touch.  
Fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes DYEFIX RF series It has the good color fastness of chlorine resistance, perspiration, water, daylight and washing. Fastness improvement effect regardless of treatment condition such as bath treatment and padding process. Non-formaldehyde type eco-friendly product.
Fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes DYEFIX BRS  It is especially effective for fixing the printing fabrics because it has excellent daylight and washing fastness and no color change of the treated fabrics. Non-formaldehyde type eco-friendly product.
Fixing agent for acid dyes DYEFIX NF series Fixing agent for acid dyes and metal-complex dyes, for wool, silk, nylon and blended fibers.
Liquid alkaline buffer mixture for reactive dyeing on cellulose fiber UNISODA LA Liquid alkaline agent for covalent dyeing of cellulose fibers with reactive dyes. It uses one eighth compared to the use of soda ash, giving the same color yield.