CEO Greetings

"Eco Water, Clean Air, Green Future"

'Chemtex Corea' , the leader in eco-friendly chemicals

Welcome to Chemtex Corea Co., Ltd.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.
The management indicator fof Chemtex Corea has been "Always staying with clients by giving customer satisfaction" since its establishment on October 1st 2004. Chemtex Corea had started with manufacturing of eco-friendly chemicals for textile industry. We work hand to provide clients with eco-chemical service and high-quality products by using only eco-friendly raw material with excellent biodegradability and creating eco-environment without pollution. Our mission is answering to clients with the best quality. We promise that we will be a trustworthy eco-friendly chemical partner to our clients endless R&D effort.

Chemtex Corea has continuously grown thanks to the support of clients. We have secured quality competitiveness in chemicals in global textile industry.
At present we are working on to become a comprehensive eco-friendly chemical manufacturer by developing the use of our products in various fields such as electronics, metal, machinery, paper&pulp, leather, architecture, environment and fine chemical.

Our R&D activities have become more active since we established our own R&D center. Since R&D center is the clear vision for better future, we are putting all our resources in R&D.
We look forward to continuous support of our clients. Thank you.

Chemtex Corea Co., Ltd. CEO   Seoung-Cheol, Yang