Pretreatment PROCESS

Performance Chemicals for Textile

We developed chemicalss obtained certificate of GOTS by Control Union Certifications so that our clients can manufacture eco-friendly textile products and export them to EU and other foreign markets. We do our role in the advance of textile industry.

Pretreatment Process

Application  Product Name Specific Property
Removing silicone oil for spandex in brightening color CLEANER SS series APEO-free, low-foaming wetting agent and detergent with strong emulsifying action. Mixture of nonionic and anionic substances. Detergent for all types of fibers, especially for removing oily, fatty and waxy impurities, and for washing off spin finishes and water-soluble sizers. Excellent stain remover. 
Cold Pad bleaching & Pad steam bleaching Spandex scouring CLEANER BS series APEO-free, mixture of sequestering agent and anionic / nonionic surface-active substances. Low foaming wetting agent and detergent with emulsifying and extractive action for mobilizing and removing the impurities in cotton during pre-treatment processes. Dispersing effect.
Scouring agent for silk & wool CLEANER WS series APEO-free, mixture of surface-active and dispersing substances. Phosphorus-free. Low-foaming, multi-functional detergent and wetting agent with a dispersing effect. Mobilizes and removes the impurities in silk & wool during pre-treatment process.
Low foaming scouring agent particularly in high speed low liquor flow m/c CLEANER KS series ULTRA SA series APEO-free, mixture of anionic/nonionic chemicalss. Low-foaming, highly efficient universal wetting agent and detergent for wetting woven and knitted fabrics in machines with high liquor turbulence (jet-dyeing). 
Scouring agent for cheese and hank CLEANER CS series Ideal for pre-treatment of high-density cheese and hank with excellent degassing defoaming power and strong emulsifying and dispersing effect on various fat components such as wax and oil. APEO-Free.
Scouring agent for low temperature process CLEANER LS series To prevent damage to fibers such as silk and wool, it provides excellent emulsion dispersion removal effect for waxes and oiling agents even during pre-treatment at middle-low temperature.
Multifunctional pretreatmenting agent HANARO OK series APEO-free, mixture of sequestering and surface-active substances. Low-foaming wetting agent and detergent with emulsifying and extractive action for mobilizing and removing the impurities in cotton during pre-treatment processes. Dispersing effect.
One-bath scouring & dyeing processing agent at middle-deep shade dyeing for cellulose fiber HANARO SND series A reduce-process and cost-effective product for simultaneously scouring and dyeing cellulose fibers, such as cotton, rayon and tencel, to give effect greater than conventional pre-treatment → dyeing process, emulsification dispersion of various oils and waxes, sequestering dispersing of metal ions and excellent levelling effects.
Application  Product Name Specific Property
Wetting agent for CPB & continuous pretretment process ULTRA PT-1
Excellent deaerating penetration into high density fabrics in continuous and CPB pre-treatment process and dye baths.
Wetting agent for desizing process using enzyme ULTRA PT-60
When used in the desizing process by ⍺-amylase type enzyme, desizing characterization is enhanced by maximising the decomposition activity of starch-sizer by the enzyme. The ideal processing temperature is 40℃.
Wetting-deaerating agent in Cheese and Hank drum dyeing machine ULTRA PT-N
It is used for pre-treatment and dyeing of cheese, hank, drum dyeing machine under high density condition and contributes to fundamental prevention of internal and external color difference and enhancement of homogeneity by strong degassing effect of remaining bubbles.
Oil & water repellency and resin finishing ULTRA SA conc. It is most suitable as a wet penetrating agent in padding bath during water and oil repellent processing and resin processing.
Penetrating agent for cotton silket process & Polyester weight-loss treatment ULTRA MS series
ULTRA SK series
NaOH(caustic soda) demonstrates ideal penetration into cotton and polyester fibers under high concentrations between 20 and 33 Be°.
Application  Product Name Specific Property
Sequestering agent of desizing, scouring process in acid bath UNIGEN CNS-50 For the purpose of fiber protection, it shows the optimal role as a metal ion sequestrant when desizing and scouring process are carried out in an acid bath. It has excellent buffer solution effect when neutralizing alkalis remaining in the fiber to prevent yellowing and color fading.
Pre-treatment and dyeing process dispersing agent of Ca, Mg ions UNIGEN CNS-60    UNIGEN CNS-70    UNIGEN CNS-80 Multifunctional metal ion sequestering agent used in pre-treatment process (such as desizing, scouring, bleaching) and reactive & dispersing dyeing process. It is anti-scaling agent. It has good alkaline stability.
Dispersing agent and protective colloid in dyeing cotton and cotton/synthetic fiber blends UNIGEN CNS-100 UNIGEN CNS-125 UNIGEN CNS-150 Dispersing agent and protective colloid in dyeing cotton and cotton/synthetic fiber blends with vat, reactive, direct and sulfur dyes. Non-foaming and non-retarding. Prevents impurities in cotton (pectinates, waxes and water hardening sub-stances), and dye adducts with these impurities, from redepositing on the material. Highly effective auxiliary for washing off hydrolysates from dyeing and prints with reactive dyes  
Sequestering agents and protective colloids UNIGEN CNS-200 High binding effect, Fe ion good whiteness in bleaching and scouring for cotton and all fiber good eliminating property of scaling in m/c.
Mechanical antifouling agent in dyeing bath / PET fiber Oligomer dispersant UNIGEN CNS-300           UNIGEN CNS-400 It prevents mechanical contamination in dye baths and completely prevents adhesion of oligomers to machines and fibers during weight loss processing and dyeing of polyester fibers. The binding effect of heavy metal ions such as iron and copper ions is particularly good.
Heavy metal ions sequestering agent / Peroxide bleaching bath pinhole inhibitor UNIGEN CNS-500 Chelating agent and protective colloid in pretreatment and dyeing excellent binding effect
Selective chelating effect on divalent and trivalent heavy metal ions such as Fe and Cu. Excellent blocking effect against overwater bleaching bath with strong blocking effect against iron ions. UNIGEN CNS-500 Excellent selective binding effect of Ca and Mg ions, showing strong desizing power in desizing process for synthetic sizer (for example PVA, PET and acrylic). Optimal protective colloid effect in reactive, disperse dyeing and soaping processes.
Application  Product Name Specific Property
Enzyme desizing agent of middle temperature process BIOSIZE LT series α-Amylase-based bio product as as enzyme dezising agent for a middle temperature process, that exhibits optimal enzyme activity at 30 ~ 70 ℃ and pH5.5 ~ 7.5
Enzyme desizing agent of high temperature process BIOSIZE HT series α-Amylase-based bio product as enzyme dezising agent for high temperature process, that exhibits optimal enzyme activity at 90 ~ 100 ℃
Fibrillating agent for cellulose fibers such as cotton, tencel and modal UNIZYME CL series Cellulase-based bio-products that enhance the feel and gloss by removing the debris of fibrillated fibers on the surface of cellulose fibers such as cotton, tencel, modal and the like.
Fibrillating agent for wool fiber UNIZYME PR series Protease-based bio-products for the purpose of preventing peeling of silk and wool, improving surface feel and drape property, which are protein fibers
Hydrogen peroxide killer UNIZYME BC series
Catalase-based bio products that easily remove residual hydrogen peroxide after peroxide bleaching without fiber damage
Application  Product Name Specific Property
Stabilizers for peroxide Cold Pad Bleaching and continuous bleaching STABILON CB series It provides high quality whiteness without ending phenomenon due to continuous impurity accumulation and CPB work process and excellent hydrogen peroxide stabilization effect under high temperature and high pressure.
Stabilizers for the non-continuous peroxide bleaching STABILON DS series It is excellent in stabilizing hydrogen peroxide in super-low bleaching bath liquor ratio such as cheeses in high density conditions. It is a bubble-free product that prevents the formation of oxy-cellulose caused by excessive bleaching.
Peroxide stabilizer for high temperature process / Multifunctional agent for enhancing whiteness and moisture absorption effect UNIGEN CNS series
HANARO OK series
Stable high temperature bleaching. High sequestering power to Ca, Mg, Fe. Protect yarn strength in bleaching bath. Very good whiteness after bleaching.
Application  Product Name Specific Property
Antifoam agent for pretreatment process and dyeing process ANTIFOAM AF series Antifoaming agent for dyeing industry without oil-spot and gum-up even at high temperature and high pressure. It is economical due to the excellent defoaming effect even if only a small amount is used. There is almost no problem in the post process.
Alkyl ester type antifoam agent ANTIFOAM SD series Protective colloidal antifoaming agent used for vat, indigo, sulfur dye dyeing and pretreatment, colorless and transparent non-emulsion type to give uniform commercial stability under the conditions of use.
Mineral oil type antifoam agent for high pressure process and high temperature process ANTIFOAM NFC ANTIFOAM NFK  Non-silicone antifoaming agent based on mineral oil that shows stable effect at high temperature and high pressure without causing any problem caused by silicon.